Direct coaching series built specifically for Founder

development. This focuses on structured

process(es) and best practices.

  • Coaching to develop a data oriented business leader and manager.

  • Develop Founders with the skill set to close capital raises 

  • Capital Raise Intensives 


 This advisory is meant to guide Founding Teams
and CEO’s. Based in scaling the company in preparation for a capital
raise, cash injection and business model pivot.

  • Sizable employee hiring and / or establishing and training a
    core leadership team.

  • Significant focus on Revenue Growth & Expense Mgmt
    through a quarter.

  • Preparation for a large public product launch, company
    rebrand and / or market push to scale a new business line -
    execute a company playbook.

working with stratum

3 - 6 mo

Consulting Retainer

2 - 5 mo

Coaching Series

Variable Pricing Range (*$2.5 - 25k /mo)


*service composition dependent

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