founder overview

Built starts up companies independently and through tech accelerators:


Created SASS and FinTech marketplace


Successfully raised $40M+ in both debt and equity over 5+ rounds

Created a $20k/mo MRR business in less than 6 months, with 20%+ MoM growth

7 Year Career in Tech

Cofounded 1st Startup, YDC


Snuck into the 

1st Forbes Summit

Cofounded REZI,

2nd Startup



Accepted into the

Winter ‘17 Batch

Scaling REZI 

w/ the team



Closed Series A

w/ Cofounders


Stratum Growth goes live!

3rd Startup



Keenan D. Williams, a proud ‘09 graduate of Florida A&M University (FAMU), began his career in New York commercial real estate as a Mortgage Broker in Debt & Equity Finance at CBRE and eventually jumped into proptech in 2014. After learning how to structure both small scale and large institutional deals at (now Ten-X), Keenan realized that he needed something more outside of a corporate and institutional tech career. He later left his full time role, took a leap of faith, and became a full time entrepreneur building his first tech company, in the small balance commercial real estate loan space, in 2015. 


Through smarts, hard work, discipline, and self awareness; Keenan is now both the Founder & CEO of Stratum Growth and the Cofounder, President & Head of Partnerships at REZI. REZI is a New York City based real estate fintech startup that enables people to rent apartments instantly from their phone for free. By successfully scaling REZI after completing

Y-Combinator in Winter 2017, and raising over $40M+ in total capitalization since inception; Keenan and his Cofounders have developed REZI to cover markets on both the East and West Coasts. REZI began to dominate in NYC and grow their rental portfolio to over 1,000 units.


Over the past five years Keenan chose to use his entrepreneurial, business and finance expertise to help strengthen and grow the companies of other early stage Founders and Creatives seeking to start and / or scale their businesses. In 2019 he started Stratum Growth, an consulting platform for early stage startups and first time founders to formalize their product and service offerings while teaching them how to develop and implement business frameworks and best practices, while creating and scaling recurring revenue (MRR & ARR). 


Keenan and his business efforts have been featured on national speaking platforms, news outlets and podcasts such as Entrepreneur Magazine, The Real Deal, Crains New York, TechCrunch and The CCNYC and Respect Me King.

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