George Nunez

Senior Associate

English, Spanish
New York

George Nunez, a South Bronx, NY native and Binghamton University graduate, joined Stratum in the Fall of 2020. After achieving his BS in Finance, George began his career at Colonial Consulting, then later at Wells Fargo where he did public investment banking. While working in institutional finance and assisting on municipal transactions that covered clients in Non-Profit Healthcare, Public-Power/Utilities, and  West/Midwest - George developed a passion for Technology and disruptive startups that were replacing incumbent players across industries.

As an avid global traveller, he witnessed the consistent issue affecting early stage startups across all sectors and geographies  -  Founders hit a learning curve wall and are left to “figure it out” in a sink or swim competitive landscape. So he joined Stratum Growth to solve that very problem and provide services to help them avoid pitfalls, build top tier teams, embrace failure and scale their Monthly Recurring Revenue and AnnualRecurring Revenue.

In his spare time, George enjoys playing chess, Connect Four, reading, and writing poetry. A fun fact about George is while studying abroad, he visited 9 countries in 5 months across 3 continents.