We support founders, creatives & entrepreneurs alike to become sharper Thinkers, more confident Leaders and improved Operators

Stratum Growth supports early stage and first time founders by supporting their development from working on a passion, to building a scalable business. We specialize in business model design, customer acquisition, sales strategies, building early stage teams, business operations, co-founder coaching, revenue models, board composition and raising early-stage capital.

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Three divisions. One ecosystem.


Stratum Growth Labs (SGL) is our strategic partnership arm which collaborates with institutions to educate and coach the early stage startups and first-time founders in their existing ecosystems.


Stratum Growth Strategy (SGS) is the consulting division of the overall Stratum platform which provides Capital Raise Advisory, Business Operations Consulting and Founder Coaching services.


Stratum Growth Capital (SGC), the Angel investment fund of Stratum which invests in early-stage startups usually as one of the first checks to help them achieve early growth, market validation and revenue.

one-time Services

Comprehensive Flat-Fee Sessions

Financial Modeling

We provide services for valuation underwriting, revenue forecasting, P&L and other financial modeling needs.

Pitch Deck Review

Single or multi-iteration pitch deck review series for all rounds starting at friends & family up to Series A. As well as other investor marketing materials.

Business Plan Audit

We will review, edit and refine business plans for early-stage startups and creatives who are starting their business journey.

HR Operations

We create frameworks for hiring, firing, new employee onboarding and training, legal requirements, compensation modeling and more.

Brand Strategy

We offer flat-fee consultations designed to effectively enhance and refine your brand. This includes digital marketing strategies, brand pivots, and defining your audience.

Contract Negotiations

We offer succinct
negotiation plans, contract / deal reviews, and business management representation for founders and creatives alike.

Product Sprints

We can help you with customer / product discovery and build out an MVP using common tech stacks or low-code tools.

Code Review

We can review your stack or solution and ensure it is running properly. We will perform automation tests and conduct quality assurance.


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"Great athletes don't win championships without great coaching, great Founders don't achieve success without it either!"

- Keenan D. Williams (Founding Partner)

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Client Success Stories

“Stratum was integral in closing out my Seed Round. Leveraging Keenan’s guidance, access to his network and learning from his personal experience closing multiple rounds of capital enabled me to have an oversubscribed round led by Tier 1 institutional VC funds!”

"Keenan’s focus on streamlining my business processes enabled me to evolve from an operating with limited client capacity to now maintaining 10+ clients per month and a fully established remotesales team!"

“In our business, my cofounder and I created $1M+ in ARR but struggled making a consistent profit. Working with Keenan changed the game for us! After he audited our entire platform and created custom workflow’s for each of our business lines, Keenan helped us both evolve into full fledged startup founders making data oriented decisions, managing a FT team and scaling MRR/ARR!”

“Working with Stratum Growth, pre-app launch, was one of the best decisions I made. Keenan and his team created and implemented a business operations playbook that assisted in our transition from managing a community to scaling our app’s  annual paid subscribers and DAU’s. As well as, implementing a revenue methodology that has us currently tracking $100K in MRR!”

"Prior to working with Stratum I created all of my own sales funnels, SDR onboarding frameworks and sourcing techniques successfully. However, Stratum evolved my business to a blitz-scaling mentality as a founder - taking my business from $10k/mo MRR to over $50k/mo over our months working together!"

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