Stratum Growth’s mission is to empower early stage founders, with the agency to grow their companies by creating custom operational frameworks and coaching plans that both scale up users, sales and recurring revenue!



Advisory Client

Stratum was integral in closing out my Seed Round. Leveraging Keenan’s guidance, access to his network and learning from his personal experience closing multiple rounds of capital enabled me to have an oversubscribed round led by Tier 1 institutional VC funds! Keenan will be my secret weapon for

Series A and future rounds!

Anthony Brown

Co-Founder & CEO of Breakr

Media platform for music artists to grow their fan base leveraging influencer marketing


Consulting Client

In our business, my cofounder and I created $1M+ in ARR but struggled making a consistent profit. Working with Keenan changed the game for us! After he audited our entire platform and created custom workflow’s for each of our business lines, Keenan helped us both evolve into full fledged startup founders making data oriented decisions, managing a FT team and scaling MRR/ARR!

Twaney Harding & Paul Dykes

 Founder of Insanity Ventures / Haywire Weekend

A Entertainment & Lifestyle platform hosting events that show attendee’s the life they deserve in a weekend!

Consulting Client

Working with Stratum Growth, pre-app launch, was one of the best decisions I made. Keenan and his team created and implemented a business operations playbook that assisted in our transition from managing a community to scaling our app’s  annual paid subscribers and DAU’s. As well as, implementing a revenue methodology that has us currently tracking 

$100K in MRR!

Ashley M. Fox

Founder of EMPIFY

Ed-Tech Startup w/ a Financial Education App & Community

Coaching Client

Coaching Client

Prior to working with Stratum I created all of my own sales funnels, SDR onboarding frameworks and sourcing techniques successfully. However, Stratum evolved my business to a blitz-scaling mentality as a founder - taking my business from $10k/mo MRR to over $50k/mo over our months working together!

Carmicheal Caldwell

Founder of Get Switch

Sales Agency which builds lean sales engines that scale via remote teams

Keenan’s focus on streamlining my business processes enabled me to evolve from an operating with limited client capacity to now maintaining 10+ clients per month and a fully established remote

sales team!

Katona Payne

Founder of BuildABoss

Startup consulting platform specializing in women led companies and entrepreneurs 


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