Stratum Growth Strategy

Providing advisory, coaching & consulting services for founders and teams on all topics from bootstrapping to closing Series A round

Stratum Growth Strategy is a long-term partnership for long-term growth

We equip leaders and companies with individualized strategy and growth plans

This track is perfect for early-stage teams, first-time founders and pre-seed startups. We offer a direct and individualized coaching series built specifically for Founder development.

  • Focus on adopting structured processes, doing customer discovery and following best practices
  • Avoiding and triaging typical and early-stage mistakes
  • Resolving co-founder conflict and team building
  • Coaching to develop data-oriented business and managerial skills

This track is geared toward building framework(s) to achieve a series of large expected outcomes. Our key deliverable is helping build a founder playbook and company strategy.​ Our founder coaching includes but isn't limited to the following:

  • Troubleshooting significant and specific sprint related project(s)
  • Achieving Product Market Fit: both User Growth / Conversion
  • Auditing current business practices
  • Leveraging lean startup method & designing a full stop pivot

This advisory is meant to guide founding teams
and CEO’s. We help scale the company in preparation for a capital raise, cash injection and business model pivot. This track includes:

  • Sizable employee hiring and / or establishing and training a core leadership team.
  • Significant focus on Revenue Growth & Expense management throughout a single or multiple quarters
  • Preparation for a large public product launch, company rebrand and / or market push to scale a new business line - execute a company playbook.

We advise and help deliver your MVP or custom solution using best practices or low-code tools.

  • We have expertise in modern tech stacks. Our past projects are made using React, React-Native, Flutter, Xcode and Firebase.
  • We have a significant focus on product sprints and iteration.
  • We conduct quality assurance on your MVP. We can perform code reviews and test your product before launch,